South Surrey Brake Service and Repair Shop

Brakes are extremely important when it comes to vehicle safety, and simply put, you cannot drive unless this component is well maintained. Here at White Rock Auto, we take your brakes very seriously and will ensure they are safe so that you can drive with peace of mind.

Braking will inevitably become more difficult as your brakes wear out, and this is something that will happen over time, so it is very important that you look into brake service to ensure you are not in danger while you drive. We recommended that you have your brakes checked at least twice a year to ensure safety because without proper maintenance, you may not be able to brake, and this can lead to disastrous situations for you and other drivers. Not only will we ensure that your brakes are maintained so that you can brake safely, we will also extend the lifespan of your brakes, which is possible through regular maintenance.

There are, of course, signs of brake wear that will tell you it’s time for service, so if you ever notice any of the following, you need to schedule an appointment with us right away:

  • Squeaking sounds when you brake
  • Difficulty pressing on your brake pedals
  • Rumbling sounds when you brake
  • Your car stutters when you hit the brakes
  • The brake light on your dashboard is lighting up
  • Less responsive braking

Our certified technicians can help with all of these symptoms, and we will replace or repair worn brake pads and will fix any issues you may be having with this component. We will make sure your vehicle has quality brakes, so whether you notice any odd signs or it’s simply time for a regular maintenance checkup, we will ensure your vehicle is safe.

Your car is made up of multiple systems and even more parts. And while each part is very important, the brakes are probably the most important parts of your car. Having a functioning brake can be the difference between life or death if a quick stop is needed. Here are a few ways to know if your brakes are faulty:

  • Your brakes squeal whilst you are driving:

This is possibly the most common brake problem most cars experience. However, the good news is if you are able to catch this early and take it to the south surrey’s brake repair shop, it should be fixed easily without any long-lasting damage.

Today’s brakes are equipped with pads that have an indicator tab that often make a noise when they are worn out. This is why immediately you hear a squeal or a high-pitched noise, you ought to visit south surrey’s car brake service to get it replaced.

The damage if you do not do this could be very expensive to correct as the pad could continue to wear away till it has completely eroded meaning the metal brake pad will continue to crash against the hydraulic clamp which could damage other systems within the car.

  • Your brakes grinds when you attempt to bring your car to a halt:

This happens when you disregard the initial signs of wear and the brake pad has completely worn away. When the hydraulic clamp continues to clash against the metal brake pad, it causes a grinding which could cause a complete replacement of the brake rotors.

  • Your car shakes when you apply the brakes:

If you apply the brakes and your car shakes violently like you are passing over a rough road, it could be an indicator that your brake rotors completely damaged and need replacement. South surrey brake service can help you get replacement discs and rework your entire braking system.

It is important to be mindful of your car and take note when things are not working as they should be. It is also important to develop a maintenance culture because managing a condition could lead to a costlier repair down the line.

South Surrey Brake Service: What you need to know

When you visit south surrey’s auto brake service, you can expect us to drain and inspect your brake fluid to start with. This is important to ensure the necessary levels and moisture content. Your brake fluid is expected to be changed every few years to ensure the brakes aren’t being compromised as a result of boiling brought on by brake fluid mixed with water.
Brake calipers compress the brake pads against the brake rotor leading to friction between the rotor and the pad which would slow the vehicle down.

Opting for a south surrey brake replacement or a service of the caliper pins or the brake caliper will not only keep the brake working at optimal capacity, it will also improve the lifespan of the brake pad and rotors.

The metals used in building the brake system are susceptible to rust and corrosion so regular service will leave them clean and working as they were designed. Regular inspection and service from south surrey’s brake service will leave your brake system good as new.

We specialize in auto repairs, brake service, oil changes and more, so if you are in Surrey, contact us for all of your car service needs today!