South Surrey Oil Change Service at White Rock Auto

Oil changes are essential for every type of vehicle, and this service is necessary if you want to maintain your engine. Failing to change your oil can lead to a number of issues, and your engine may cause you problems, but these can all be avoided if you schedule oil changes with us regularly.

The technicians here at White Rock Auto are certified and know how to perform this service. We will provide your vehicle with new oil, which will ensure your engine is well maintained and safe, so you won’t have to worry about wear and damage as our services can help prevent such problems. Our experienced technicians can also detect problems before they become serious and will notify you if other issues exist.

Oil changes, in particular, are vital to ensuring your vehicle’s health and are necessary because they allow your engine to continue to function properly. When completing this service, we will take the following steps:

  • We will first conduct a thorough inspection to see if there are any problems with your engine
  • We will fix the problems and ensure no issue is left unresolved
  • We will prevent any future issues from occurring
  • We will help prevent early engine wear
  • We will drain your old oil from the crankcase of your vehicle
  • We will change the oil filterWe will add fresh oil that is specifically suited to your vehicle using quality oils

Regular oil changes are a must because this service will help maintain your engine and will ensure it functions and performs safely and effectively.

Just as your body needs blood to run, your car relies on oil to function. But unlike the body, your car doesn’t have the ability to produce new oil or ensure that the oil flowing through it doesn’t get dirty or smudgy. This is why oil changes in south surrey are an essential part of most car maintenance packages even though they seem very basic. Failing to get a vehicle oil change in south surrey can cause engine damage and possibly destroy the engine.

Here are some frequently asked questions asked about oil change:

  • When should my oil be changed:

Currently, here is no oil change schedule that cuts across all types of engines. Today thanks to a high quality of oil on the market, cars can move on the road for a longer period of time between oil changes. Some oil weights can take you up to 10,000 miles without any need to change the oil.

However, it is our advice that you follow the advice of your car manufacturer regarding frequency of oil change. This advice can be found within the owner’s manual and if you cannot find your manual anymore, you can choose to work with a 3000 miles / 3-months if you are using conventional mineral oil or longer if you are using synthetic oils

  • What does viscosity mean?

The term viscosity simply means the ability of oil to effectively lubricate the engine and protect the numerous parts. As time goes by and oil is exposed to heat, it begins to thin and starts to become less viscous hereby reducing its viscosity and making it a poor choice to protect your engine. The higher the viscosity, the better the choice of oil.

  • Can I drive my car without oil?

If you drive your car with a low level of engine oil, it may not cause any long-lasting damage. All you might have to worry about are minor wear to the internal parts of the engine. The level of damage is linked to how low the oil is but a good rule of thumb is to ensure your oil level Is a quart low. Driving with no engine oil, however, will lead to a total collapse of the entire engine causing you to replace the whole engine.

  • I put the wrong type of engine oil in my car, am I in trouble?

In all honesty, this is solely dependent on the type of oil you poured into your engine. In some cases, you might not notice any difference in the performance of your car while others could cause a reduced fuel usage. In the more severe cases, however, it could cause a wear to the oil pump making it have a shorter engine life.

White Rock Auto will gladly complete this service for you, and we can help with all of your other car service needs as well. Whether you need auto repairs, brake service or an oil change, we do it all, so if you are in the Surrey area, contact us today!