Tire Repair Service in South Surrey

Here at White Rock Auto, we understand the importance of tires and offer services to ensure vehicle and driver safety. Our certified mechanics will make sure your tires are suitable for the road so that you can drive with peace of mind, and the following are just a few of the benefits that our tire services will provide:

  • even tread wear
  • a longer lifespan
  • savings
  • safety
  • prevention of early replacements

Tire rotation, in particular, is extremely important, and our mechanics are experts when it comes to this service. Tire rotation will not only increase your tires’ life cycle, but it will also ensure even wear of the treads, so it is essential because it will make a world of difference. This service will help you save money because you will not have to replace your tires frequently, so there are a number of advantages to it, and we can help you complete this task.

Our experienced technicians will remove and reset your tires in a new position so that your tires have balanced wear, and you will notice the difference both on the road and in your wallet because your tires will last a lot longer, and your drive will be smooth and stable.

Your tires carry the weight of the car. Day after day it is exposed to weather conditions, roads that come in all kinds of conditions. It is important that practice a maintenance culture with your tires to prevent ghastly accidents. Here are some ways to know if you need to change your tires:

  • Your tire’s warning light is on:

Newer vehicle models come with a tire pressure warning light system. If you are using a car later than a 2008 model, you should look out on your dashboard for a sign that might look like a U with an exclamation in the middle.

This symbol means that the tire pressure in at least one of your tires is low based on the recommendation of your car’s manufacturer. Your options now are to either reach out to a tire repair in south surrey to figure out what the problem is or add some air to the tires yourself.

  • Low tire treads:

Tire treads are the bumps and grooves laced on the outside of your tire. And while you might not know why these features exist they are very important as they are responsible for giving your tires traction and lack of traction can mean your tire might be slipping and sliding all over.

If you have a low tire tread, it is a clear sign that you are in need of tire replacement in south surrey. You should visit your South surrey tire repair shop for a consultation as soon as you notice this to prevent further incidents from happening.

  • Cracked tires:

Some tires also get damaged and that damage is known as cracking because of the little holes the tires have. These could also be a symptom of a blowout In the nearest future hence it is something that needs to be checked out immediately. It could also be a sign that the tire has a steady leak. Cracking can be caused by the tires taking direct damage like being hit with an object at a huge pressure like running into the curb or a pothole.

  • Your tires wear out on one side:

If you need a car tire repair in south surrey, it could be because your tires have started to experience a wear on one side. This could be a sign of overinflation if the wear is on the center strip of the tire or a sign of underinflation if the wear is on the edge of the tire. However, if the wear happens on one side, it could be a result of a misalignment of your tires. It could also be an indicator that your vehicle has damaged ball joints or springs. The best course of action to deal with this is to visit your south surrey car tire repair shop for a diagnosis.

Tires should generally be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 km, but you may require a tire rotation sooner if there are signs of uneven or irregular wear, and we can help detect these problems. We specialize in auto repair, brake service, oil changes and more, so if your car is in need of service and you are in the Surrey area, contact us today!