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South Surrey Engine Repair

Your car is powered by an engine and to ensure your car functions efficiently consistently, it is important to know how the engine works. A generally acceptable description of your car’s engine can be done by describing the number of cylinders your vehicle has and the amount of power they generate. Fuel burns inside each cylinder and there is usually anywhere between two cylinders to twelve of them in a car with most cars fitted with four, six or eight cylinders.

Each cylinder contains pistons that are fitted tightly that move up and down. These pistons are linked to an axle called the crankshaft. The pistons turn the crankshaft which takes power to the gearbox which powers the wheels. The cylinders also have two valves and an inlet valve that allows fuel and air to enter the cylinder and an outlet valve that allows the exhaust gas to escape.

At the top of the cylinder is a spark plug which is a device controlled electrically that sets fire to the fuel within the cylinder. It is this combustion that moves the pistons which causes your cars to move.


Here Are Signs That You Need Engine Repair in South Surrey, BC

  • Your car emits too much exhaust smoke: When your car continues to emit outrageous amounts of exhaust smoke, it is a clear indicator of an engine problem. To be able to further investigate, pay attention to the color of the smoke. Blue smoke is an indicator of burning oil, while white smoke lets you know the coolant is burning and black smoke shows that your car is using too much gas.
  • Your car idles roughly: When your car sputters whilst idle, it could be an indicator of an engine problem. The easiest way to fix this is to mount new spark plugs in your engine or repairing the sensing unit.
  • Stalling: if your vehicle dies or idles whilst driving, you should stop driving it and take it for a comprehensive checkup as soon as possible. Failure to do so could lead to a fatal accident.
  • Knocking noise: if you hear a knocking noise coming from the hood of your car, it could be a result of your engine bearings being worn out.
  • Fluid leakages: If your vehicle features fluid being leaked., you should have it checked out by a technician. It is not a normal occurrence for a car to be leaking fluid. If this goes on and you do not check it out, you are definitely going to require major repairs.
  • Check engine light: if you ever come across this light on your dashboard, it is a sure sign you are having engine problems. At times, it is a sign of something small but it could also be a sign of a more serious and very dangerous problem. You should take your car to a mechanic immediately you notice this light.