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South Surrey Transmission Repair

The transmission of your car is very important if you want your car to run smoothly. But accidents, wear and tear could happen and cause your transmission to develop faults. Here are some signs that you need transmission repairs:

  1. If your car makes unfamiliar noises: if you begin to notice whining, clunking or humming, it could be a sign that your car is suffering from transmission problems. These problems could cause your car to produce a wide range of sounds depending on the make and model of the car. The sounds could be buzzing, humming, whining or clunking while manual transmission noises tend to be louder and more mechanical than that of automatic transmissions.
  2. Leaking fluid: if your engine or transmission fluid is leaking and gets too low, your engine could seize and stop working.
  3. Grinding and shaking: if your car shakes, jerks or makes grinding sounds, it is a clear indicator that your gears have a problem.
  4. A burning smell: When transmission fluid overheats, it can cause a burning smell which is an indicator of fluid breakdown, low fluid levels, using the incorrect brand or type of fluid. By letting the fluid overheat rapidly, It could cause the transmission to break down.
  5. Check engine light: The check engine light can come on for a host of reasons other than transmission issues but it is a great way to know that something is wrong with the engine or the transmission. If the check engine light comes on, bring your car to our shop to ensure you aren’t having any underlying issues.
  6. Your transmission becomes noisy when your car gets put in neutral.

If your car is showing any of these symptoms, you need to have a transmission repair done in surrey. We are able to rebuild or repair your transmission. But it is important to note that we often recommend rebuilding the transmission because it is cost-effective and it often shows positive performance and results.

Should your car have engine issues as opposed to transmission problems, we can fix that as well. Here are a few ways to know if your car has an engine problem:

  • Your car has a reduced fuel efficiency: This could be caused by something simple like a clogged filter or it could be a symptom of a major issue like an intricate engine problem.
  • Loss of engine power: if the car finds it hard to reach highway speeds or it requires multiple minutes to warm up, your engine could be suffering from component failure or worn-out parts.
  • Your car has knocking noises beneath its hood: once your engine bearings start to wear out because of high mileage or low oil levels, it would begin to make a clanking or knocking noise. Once they are worn out, they would need to be replaced.
  • An excessive exhaust smoke: When your car continues to emit outrageous amounts of exhaust smoke, it is a clear indicator of an engine problem. To be able to further investigate, pay attention to the color of the smoke. Blue smoke is an indicator of burning oil, while white smoke lets you know the coolant is burning and black smoke shows that your car is using too much gas.