Improve Fuel Efficiency in South Surrey, BC


Car Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of your car refers to the distance your car can move on one gallon of gas. According to statements by the government, MIT school of engineering, removable energy and other reputable bodies, our environment and the economy will enjoy a boost when cars have improved fuel efficiency. Today, cars, bikes, trucks and other motor vehicles are responsible for over 60% of the oil consumption and more than 25% of green gas emissions. This is why improving the average Canada fuel efficiency is a very serious matter because of the impact it has on our climate.

According to professionals, the fuel efficiency of your car is dependent on the following factors:

  • The design of your car’s tire
  • Transmission structure
  • Engine of the car.

The fuel efficiency of your car measures the effort required to convert the chemical energy from fuel into the kinetic energy your car requires to move.

GPM which refers to gallons per mile serves as an indicator of how many gallons your car uses when you drive 100 miles. And professionals agree that it is the most important metric that you can use to assuage the fuel efficiency of your car.


Quick Tips To Know To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

  • Remove extra weight:

This is an important but often overlooked way to improve fuel efficiency. By getting rid of these weights, you are making your car lighter and making it easier to move therefore reducing the fuel it consumes.

  • Inflate your tires with the right pressure always:

Yet another overlooked way to improve fuel efficiency. By keeping the right pressure in your tires at all times, you are ensuring your tire doesn’t have too much contact with the road which happens when you underinflate and reducing the drag on the wheel which happens when you overinflate.

  • Reduce the pressure you place on the accelerator:

The way you drive has a direct impact on how much petrol your vehicle uses. By keeping your driving smooth and using gentle acceleration, you are setting up your car to use less fuel. When you are nearing a traffic spot, reduce the pressure you place on the accelerator if the lights are red. This will reduce fuel use and improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

  • Do not let your car run idly:

Did you know that keeping your engine running idly causes your car to consume half a gallon of fuel every hour? It also causes a lot of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. Cars manufactured and released earlier consumed a lot of fuel upon starting which is why keeping cars running idly was preferred by drivers worldwide. But today, modern cars have better fuel efficiency meaning you can turn off and on your cars easily without having to worry about fuel consumption.

Fuel Efficiency in South Surrey: What you need to know?

When you visit south surrey’s auto workshop, you can expect us to service your vehicle thoroughly. Most vehicles have a fuel system that is made up of a fuel pump located in the tank, a fuel filter and injectors located in each cylinder.

Our team will evaluate your car to determine if your fuel filter needs replacement or the injectors need cleaning based on the pre-determined maintenance schedule. The injectors spray the necessary quantity of fuel under high pressure for combustion in the cylinders.

In addition, the spray nozzle is as tiny as the head of a pin and could also get clogged if dirt gets stuck in it. While servicing the system, our technician will remove all dirt deposits restoring the power of your engine and improving its performance and its fuel efficiency.