5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

You don’t have to be a car expert to know that some noises are problematic. The more you drive, the more familiar you will be with the sounds that your car makes and it’s very normal to be concerned whenever you hear something new, so the following guide will help you determine if your car requires immediate attention:

Engine knocking
Engine sounds vary but regardless of the model of your car, you should never hear any knocking sounds as you drive because this is a sign that there is a problem. Your engine will make noise and you should expect to hear a consistent sound that does not include knocking sounds coming from under the hood, so if that’s what you’re experiencing, you should visit your mechanic.

Sizzling sounds
If you hear sizzling sounds coming from under your hood once you have turned off the engine, there is a very high chance that there is a leak because the hissing noise is almost always a result of the leaking fluid coming into contact with your hot engine. Visiting your mechanic is the best solution so that this does not lead to more serious problems.

Popping noises
This type of sound is always concerning, so anytime you hear a popping noise coming from your engine, you should take your vehicle for an inspection right away as it likely needs repairs. Popping sounds are scary and definitely a sign that there is a serious problem, so make sure you visit your mechanic because they will be able to diagnose and fix your problem quickly, safely and correctly.

Clicking sounds
This type of noise may be an indication that you are running low on engine oil, which is a very important part of how your vehicle runs. If you start to hear clicking or tapping noises, consider when you last had an oil change because the chances are it’s been a while and you are now overdue. If that is the case, make sure you get this done right away because it will most likely resolve this issue and you will no longer hear any clicking sounds.

A squealing belt is a nasty sound that you won’t want to hear and occurs whenever one of the belts in your engine compartment is loose as it may start to slip and cause unpleasant squealing sounds as a result. Belts are very important components and will affect the way your engine operates, so you’ll want to get this issue taken care of right away. A mechanic can examine it for you and fix the problem so that you can drive your car safely without having to listen to this awful sound.

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