Four Ways Your Car Is Telling You It Needs An Oil Change

Changing the oil in your car can be a frustrating task and often one that car owners put off longer than they should. It may not be high on your radar if you feel that your vehicle has been operating adequately, however, there are certain indicators that alert you that your vehicle needs an oil change. Clean, new oil improves a car’s performance and ensures a smoother drive, along with potentially extending your vehicle’s lifespan.


White Rock Auto is here to help keep you informed and aware of the four signs to look out for that indicate your vehicle needs an oil change. Check out our guide below:

1. Oil Change/Engine Light On

This is the most obvious indicator that your vehicle’s oil is old and in new of a change. The oil change light in the vehicle will flicker when it finds that there is not a sufficient amount of oil in the system. When this alert is on, you can check the car’s dipstick or bring it into an auto repair service in Surrey.

2. Dark and/or Dirty Oil

Fresh, new motor oil is an extremely light shade of amber, therefore, when oil is dark or even black, that’s a sign that the oil is dirty from a particle build-up. When oil becomes dirty like this, it should be changed immediately. You can check the colour of your car’s oil by removing the dipstick, wiping it off, placing it back in the tank and checking it again. If the colour is still a dark, dirty brown to black, it’s definitely time to take it in for an oil change in Surrey.

3. Engine Tapping/Knocking Noises

Oil adds a protective layer between the various parts in the engine to avoid the metal brushing and scraping each other and ensuring the engine operates quietly. When the oil is in need of a change, it will have a tougher time lubricating the parts in the engine effectively. The engine will begin to make loud tapping or knocking noises because the parts are not being lubricated well enough. 

4. Burnt Oil Smell

If the inside of your vehicle begins to smell like burnt oil, then the obvious fact is that there is an issue with the oil itself. The cause may be from an oil leak somewhere on the car and the oil is likely dripping onto hot engine areas. Your engine may be low on oil and because of this, the engine could be overheating. 


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