How to Make Your Car AC Colder in summer


There’s nothing like a blast of cold air on a hot summer day, and the air conditioning in your car must be reliable so that you can beat the heat.

If you want to make your car AC colder this summer, the following tips will help you achieve maximum coldness:

Do Not Turn Your AC On While You Are Still Parked

This is a very ineffective method that is not only counter-productive, but very wasteful as well. The air conditioning in your car will work much better when you are driving, so don’t blast it while you are still parked because you will not get cold air and will waste your time and gas.

Turn Your Fan On First

If you see that it is extremely hot when you start driving, turn on your fan at full blast and open your backseat windows because this will help get the hot air out of your car, after which you can turn on your AC to fill your car with cold air.

Turn Off Recirculation Mode

This is very important when you have passengers in the back seat because this mode does not allow them to feel the cold air. This is the one disadvantage to a car’s recirculation mode because cool air gets introduced in the front of the car but gets pulled back into the system, so passengers in the back will not feel any of it. The solution is to turn off this mode so that you don’t recirculate air.

Turn Off Your Start-stop System

Newer cars have this feature, and while there are a lot of advantages to it, it can impair your AC’s ability to produce cool air because this system does shut down the engine when you come to a stop. If you see that your AC is not as cold as you would like it to be, try turning off this system to see if it makes a difference.

Inspect Your Cabin Air Filter And Replace It If It Is Clogged

Your air filter will stop dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants from entering your car through the AC, and so it’s normal for these particles to accumulate because that is its purpose. It does, however, need to be replaced because a dirty air filter will affect the airflow from the AC and will cause it to be less effective, so make sure you check on this aspect and replace it if it is clogged.

Park In The Shade

This simple step will make a very big difference because your AC will not have to work as hard and will produce cold air a lot faster.

If these tips don’t help, there is something else that is causing the problem, and White Rock Auto can help you find a solution. We are experts when it comes to auto repair and specialize in brake service, oil changes and more, so if you are in Surrey, bring your car to our shop today!