What Are the Benefits of a Tire Rotation?

Periodically changing the position of your tires is important because tire rotation will provide your vehicle with several benefits, including the following:

  • It will preserve balanced handling while helping to maintain traction. This is very important in general but even more so whenever the roads are slick from either rain or snow.
  • It will help keep your tire warranty valid. A lot of tire manufacturers require regular rotation in order to keep the warranty that was offered valid, and rotating your tires regularly will ensure that you don’t run into any problems with this aspect.
  • It will help even out tire wear. Promoting even wear across the tire tread pattern prolongs tire life, which is why you need to make sure every tire rotates between each of the vehicle’s four positions. When all four of the tires wear evenly, they will be able to respond equally well to the driver’s input.
  • It will allow you to replace all of your tires at the same time. This is far more convenient than having to buy each of your tires individually or in pairs, which would happen if your tires did not wear out together. Replacing your old tires with an entirely new set of four will allow you to maintain the original handling balance. Replacing them four at a time will also allow you to experience the full benefit of the latest tire technology instead of having to deal with mismatched tires that can affect the way your car drives. Tire manufacturers are always improving their tires, so it’s always better to replace all four of them together so that you experience an even ride.

It is generally recommended that your tires be rotated every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres, regardless of whether or not you see any obvious signs of wear. Most people get it done while they are in the process of getting an oil change because the vehicle is off the ground and is in the ideal position for a tire rotation. This will also allow the mechanic to inspect your tires and determine if there is any damage or uneven wear while being able to check the pressure and overall tread depth as well. They can also remove any debris or stones from between the treads, so there are a lot of benefits to rotating your tires, and doing it regularly will ensure you experience every one.

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